Payment solutions have never been easier nor more cost-effective!

25 Mar 2021

If you have ever used a payment solution for your promotions, chances are you probably thought it was a bit of an expensive way to award cash back to customers if you were using pre-paid cards, a bit old-fashioned – who uses cheques anymore?? – or a data worry if BACS were the solution.

Or maybe, because of all the reasons mentioned above, you decided against a cash back promotion altogether and offered a price discount instead, even if that meant lower margins and/or the risk for your brand’s value and equity to be diluted.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Our payment solution is cost-effective, simple, hassle-free and secure. Importantly, the customers get their rewards instantly and you maintain your price point, hence protecting your brand’s value in the eye of the customers.

How competitive is our offer?

Thanks to a unique and brilliant deal we have recently signed up, we get some unspent funds back on pre-paid virtual Mastercard. This means we are able to run the actual cashback part of a promotion, depending on volume, for just a few pence per transaction or, volume dependant, for nothing! And to top it all, this allows us to offer this solution with no set up cost.

As you can gather, this would provide you with significant savings when you run promotions to encourage trial for example with a Try Me Free, or when you launch a new product with Money Back Guarantee.

Does this sound too good to be true?

Well, some of the world’s largest global brands don’t think so. Brands such as Bosch, P&G, Motorola, Samsung, BMW, McCain to name a few have and continue to trust this solution. More than 2,000 programmes have run so far, in more than 60 industries. And we’re not talking about small payments here and there, but about $1bn+ payments made annually.

How safe is it, really?

If safety and security is a concern of yours, rest assured that we adhere to and are subjected to regulation by the right regulatory bodies. It’s not in our interest either not to!

What about the customer experience?

Well, it couldn’t be simpler really. Once customers are awarded cash back as part of a promotion they participated in, they receive a virtual Mastercard ready to be spent (with an online merchant, or they can add the value of the card to mobile wallets, or even add fund to other e-wallets). See, simple.

Still not convinced? Let us show you how it works

Now we’ve established that really, our solution should be a no-brainer if you were already planning a cash back promotion, let us show you how much it could save you vs a price discount.

Here’s an example.

Your product’s RRP is £5.00 and you might normally do a £2.00 off promo to drive sales. Instead, this is how our cash back mechanic could work:

  • Product sold at full price = £5.00
  • Consumer can claim 50% of purchase price back (£2.50) via on or off pack communications (already a better offer than £2.00 off)
  • Consumer simply mails in their receipt and receives back from VCG a pre-paid Mastercard with a £2.50 credit on it


The cost for this particular example could be as low as £0.50 per product as a Fixed fee from VCG (depending on volume).  And all the time, you are maintaining your initial price point whilst driving your sales up.

No matter your RRP, we are able to make this offer on virtual cards with values from £1 to £150.

So, why not get in touch so we can give you a free quotation. Then you’ll see how much money your business could save with us!

Anne-Sophie Gossan, VCG PromoRisk,


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